March 23, 1798, Oxford, England.

May 8, 1882, New House Park (near Rickmansworth), Hertfordshire, England.

Norwood Cemetery, London, England.


He was baptized by Rev. James Hinton, of whose church his father was a deacon, and by whom he was encouraged to devote himself to the Christian ministry. After receiving a very complete education at Bristol and Edinburgh, he became, in 1823, pastor of a newly formed church at Camberwell, in the suburbs of London. This pastorate he retained about forty years, although from 1858, onward, when strength began to fail, most of its active duties were discharged by his honored colleague, Rev. Charles Stanford.

Dr. Steane was for many years one of the secretaries of the Baptist Union, and indeed there was scarcely any denominational movement of importance in which he did not take a leading part. He was one of the committee engaged in the preparation of the hymn book called the “New Selection” (1828)…He was one of the originators of the Bible Translation Society, and for a long period was its first secretary and then its treasurer. The Evangelical Alliance owed its existence partly to him, and for some years he was editor of the Alliance organ, “Evangelical Christendom.” Many of his occasional sermons were printed, and toward the close of life he published a volume on “The Doctrine of Christ Developed by the Apostles.”

In 1862, Dr. Steane went to reside at New House Park, near Rickmansworth.

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