Circa 1850, Dover, England.

January 18, 1917, Penkridge (now Mutare, about 50 miles from Umtali), Zimbabwe.

Penkridge, Zimbabwe.


As a teenager, Stead felt called to be a missionary. She went to America around age 21, and lived for a while in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attending a camp meeting in Urbana, Ohio, she felt the missionary calling even more strongly, but was unable to go to China as she wanted due to her frail health. She married a Mr. Stead in 1875. Tragically, her husband died off Long Island, New York, while trying to rescue a drowning boy.

Around 1880, Stead went to South Africa, and served as a missionary some 15 years. She remarried, to Robert Wodehouse of that country. She returned to America in 1895 to recover her health, but once again went into missions in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1901. Her daughter Lily (who survived the accident that killed her father) married D. A. Carson and became a missionary like her mother.

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