October 5, 1842, Vernon, New York.


Daughter of Samuel and Loriam Phinney, Mary matriculated at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1853 and graduated in 1859, making her the youngest graduate ever in Lawrence history. After graduation, she taught in Lawrence’s preparatory department for a year. She went on to contribute poems and short stories to magazines, including Scribner’s, The Youth’s Companion, and Cottage Hearth. Mary was also one of the first women trustees at Lawrence (1874-80). Stansbury Theatre in the Music-Drama Center is named after her.

Mary Phinney married Edward P. Humphrey in 1862; he died three years later. In 1872, she married Dr. Emory Stansbury, who, like her, later served as a trustee at Lawrence University. Mary’s poems include The Surprise at Ticonderoga and How He Saved St. Michael’s. Her other works include:

  1. My Brother’s Keeper