1767, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

May 17, 1767, Saint Phillips Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

October 29, 1822, Birmingham, England.

By age 20, Stanley was the song leader at Carrs Lane Chapel, moving later with the congregation to Ebenezer Chapel, Steelhouse Lane. He was also sometime landlord of the Crown Tavern, Charles Street, and violincellist with the Birmingham Theater Orchestra. His works include two sets of tunes, Twenty-Four Tunes in Four Parts, circa 1796, containing the tunes Shirland, Stonefield, Warwick, Simeon, Wilton, Calvary and Kent. The second book contained tunes not now known, but Sutton Coldfield and Star of Bethlehem were once popular.

  1. Calvary
  2. Chester
  3. Doversdale
  4. Kent
  5. Shirland
  6. Simeon
  7. Stonefield
  8. Warwick
  9. Wilton