December 13, 1815, Alderley, Cheshire, England.

July 18, 1881, the Deanery, Westminster, England.

Henry VII’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey, England.


Stanley attended Rugby School and Balliol College, Oxford. He served as Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford (1856–64), and as Dean of Westminster (1864–81). His works include:

  1. He Is Gone, a Cloud of Light
  2. Lord Is Come!, The
  3. O Frail Spirit, Vital Spark
  4. O Master, It Is Good to Be
  5. Spirit Unseen, Our Spirits’ Home
  6. When the Paschal Evening Fall
  7. Where Is the Christian’s Fatherland?
  8. Where Shall We Find the Lord?
  9. Where Shall We Learn to Die?
  10. Who Shall Be the Last Great Seer?
  1. Day of Wrath, O Dreadful Day!