September 30, 1852, Dublin, Ireland.

March 29, 1924, London, England.

Westminster Abbey, London, England.

© National Portrait Gallery

Son of a lawyer, Stanford attended Cambridge University in 1870, and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1874. He studied in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany (1874–76), and earned his master’s degree in 1877. He was organist at Trinity College (1873–82), and composed and conducted musical societies. In 1883, he became the first professor of composition and orchestra at the Royal College of Music. From 1885–1902, he conducted the London Bach Choir. From 1887–1924, he taught at Cambridge University. From 1901–10, he conducted the Leeds Festival. He was knighted in 1902.

In addition to a body of church and chamber music, Stanford’s works include:

  1. Airedale
  2. Engelberg
  3. Fitzroy
  4. Geronimo
  5. Luard
  6. St. Basil the Great
  7. St. Patrick’s Breastplate