De­cem­ber 17, 1854, South­amp­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Oc­to­ber 14, 1930, Mal­vern, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Great Val­ley Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, Mal­vern, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Arthur was the son of Al­mon A. Spoon­er and Lau­ra W. Loo­mis Rus­sell, and hus­band of Ef­fie Sim­mons.

His works in­clude:

  1. Angels Are Always Singing
  2. Do Not Borrow from Tomorrow
  3. Do You Know the Story of Gideon’s Band?
  4. God Is Calling Loud for Reapers
  5. Grace of My Savior Is Boundless and Free, The
  6. Hand of My Savior Is Offered to Me, The
  7. I Expect to Hear the Savior Call My Name
  8. I Once Was a Sinner, Wand’ring from Home
  9. I Was Sunken in Sin and No Light Could I See
  10. If the King Should Come Today
  11. If the Lord Should Call for You
  12. If You Walk with Jesus
  13. I’m a Little Light Bearer
  14. In the Bible It Is Written
  15. In the Land of Gathering Darkness
  16. Is It True That Some Sweet Day?
  17. Jesus Is a Friend So Kind
  18. Jesus, When the Way Seems Long
  19. Let Us Stand for Christ
  20. Lilies Are Breathing Sweet Perfume, The
  21. Little Hands Can Toil for Jesus
  22. Lord, We Are Pleading
  23. Love of Christ to Me, The
  24. Mercy of Jesus Is Wondrous and Free, The
  25. My Heart Is Open to Thee, Dear Lord
  26. There’s a Homeland
  27. There’s a Love with No Beginning
  28. There’s No Rock Like the Rock of Ages
  29. Think What It Costs to Redeem Fallen Man
  30. Watch, Christian, Watch for the Signal
  31. We Are Young and Weak and Helpless
  32. Weary Soul, the Lord Is Near
  33. We’re a Band of Toilers True
  34. What Made the Savior Leave His Throne?
  35. What Makes Jesus Love Little Children?
  36. What Would It Profit to Gain the Whole World?
  37. What Would You Do Without Jesus?
  38. When Christ in Gethsemane and Agonized Alone
  39. When the Fire Came Down
  40. When the Trump of God Shall Usher In
  41. When upon Life’s Journey
  42. Would You Be a True Disciple?
  43. Yes, the Time Is Drawing Nearer