Philipp Spitta

August 1, 1801, Hanover, Germany.

September 28, 1859, Burgdorf, Germany.


Son of a bookkeeper and French teacher, Spitta was originally apprenticed to a watchmaker. He disliked the occupation, though, and went to the University of Göttingen to study theology. He was ordained in 1828 and became an assistant pastor near Hoya. In 1830, he became assistant chaplain to the garrison and the prison at Hammeln on the Weser River. He would have become the permanent chaplain, except for reports the military authorities received describing him as a Pietist and a Mystic. As compensation, he was made pastor at Wechold, near Hoya, in 1837. He later became Lutheran superintendent at Wittingen (1847), Peine (1853), and Burgdorf (1859). His works include:

  1. Gottes Stadt steht festgegründet
    • By the Holy Hills Surrounded
  2. O hochbeglückte Seele
  3. O Jesu, meine Sonne
    • Jesus, My Sun! Before Whose Beams
    • Jesus, My Sun! Before Whose Eye
    • O Blessed Sun, Whose Splendor
    • O Jesus, at Thy Shining
    • Jesus Christ, My Sunshine
  4. O selig Haus
  5. Wir sind des Herrn, wir leben oder sterben