February 27, 1827, Mansfield, Connecticut.

September 16, 1910, at the home of his son, Reverend James Hovey Spencer, in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Fair Haven, Vermont.

Spencer was the son of Christopher N. Spencer and Sally Slate. In 1851, he moved to Brooklyn, New York, and was a bookkeeper and Sunday School worker until being ordained in 1863.

During the American civil war, Spencer was a delegate for the United States Christian Commission. After the war, he did evangelistic work, and in 1869, became pastor at Fair Haven, Vermont.

In 1880 Spencer became superintendent of missions for the Rocky Mountain District of the American Baptist Home Mission Society. His territory included Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. During 10 years in this position, he started 30 churches and 33 Sunday schools, and built 25 meeting houses. After his tenure in the West, Spencer became secretary for the Wabash District of the Baptist Home Missionary Society for southern Illinois and Indiana and later for the New York District. He held that post until resigning in 1901.

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