Haqvin Spegel

June 14, 1645, Ronneby, Blekinge, Denmark (now Sweden).

April 17, 1714, Uppsala, Sweden.

Linköping Cathedral, Sweden.


Son of a merchant, Spegel lost both parents at age seven, and was raised by a distant relative in Älmeboda, Sweden. At the age of 13, he began studying in Lund. Four years later, he went abroad and visited Germany, Holland and England. He then enrolled at the University of Wittenberg, Germany, and upon return to Sweden, completed his theological studies at the University of Lund. In 1671, he was ordained a minister of the Church of Sweden. In 1675, he became court chaplain and personal confessor of King Charles XI of Sweden, who had great confidence in him. Spegel later served as superintendent in Visby (1680), Bishop of Skara (1685), Bishop of Linköping (1693), and Archbishop of Uppsala (1711).

  1. Min själ, du måste nu glömma
  2. Oss kristna bör tro och besinna
  3. Wår Herres Jesu Kristi Död