Late 19th Century

We have little data on Snyder, except that he was a minister.

  1. Improve the Golden Moments
  2. In the Early Morn of Life
  3. In the Service of the Lord
  4. It Cleanseth Me
  5. I’ve Turned My Back upon the World
  6. Jesus Says to Me and You
  7. Jesus Stands Without
  8. Leaning on Jesus, I Fear No Ill
  9. Long Ago in Tears of Grief
  10. Mighty Helper Is He Who Hath Died
  11. Morning, Noon, and Evening
  12. My Name Is Recorded in Heav’n
  13. O the Matchless Love of Jesus
  14. On, On, On!
  15. Once I Wandered on Where the Light Was Dim
  16. Open Your Heart Ev’ry Morning
  17. Out There Floats upon the Breezes
  18. Publish the Message That Jesus Hath Died
  19. Soldier, Christian Soldier
  20. Some Sweet Day We’ll Meet with Jesus
  21. Sunshine, Sunshine, Heavenly Sunshine
  22. The Savior Has Promised
  23. The Savior Left His Home Above
  24. There Are Souls Around You Daily
  25. There Is a Story Ever New
  26. There Is Joy
  27. There’s a Time and Place Where the Faithful Rest
  28. This World with All That’s Bright and Gay
  29. Upheld by the Power of Jesus I Am
  30. We Are Soldiers for the Lord
  31. What Shall I Stand By?
  32. What Words of Life Are These I Hear?
  33. When Your Toils Below Are Ended
  34. Wonderful Grace on Calvary I See
  35. Would You Know Your Sins Forgiv’n?
  36. You Ask What Saved a Wretch Like Me