March 10, 1851, Barkhamsted, Connecticut.

Snow attended Williston Seminary, Easthampton, Massachusetts, and graduated from Yale University (1875, BD 1878). He served as pastor of the First Congregational Church, South Windsor, Connecticut (1883–88); a church in Harwinton, Connecticut (1888–91); and the First Congregational Church, Guilford, Connecticut (1891). He was still pastor in Guilford as of 1893, and still performing marriages as of 1921. At one time he worked for the Christian Union, editing newly discovered letters of Horace Greeley .

  1. Captain of Our Salvation, The
  2. Come Rally, Endeavors
  3. Consecration Hour Is Nigh, The
  4. O Bless the Hour When Evening Comes
  5. O God! Our Fathers Hither Came
  1. Snow