July 7, 1861, Lynchburg, Virginia.

January 15, 1940.

Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Snead’s works include:

  1. All the Sorrows of Thy Life
  2. Father, Take My Hand and Lead Me
  3. For Me, He Left the Realms of Light
  4. For the Coming of His Kingdom
  5. Give Me the Old, Old Gospel
  6. How Sweet Amid Earth’s Wild Alarms
  7. I Am Just a Little Child
  8. I Can Be a Little Light
  9. I Could Not Live Without My Savior
  10. I Want to Tell the Story of His Love for Me
  11. I Would Be a Sunbeam
  12. If We Follow Jesus
  13. Into All the World the Call Is Ringing
  14. Looking on the Bright Side
  15. Now the Day Is Dying in the Golden West
  16. O Chiming Bells, O Happy
  17. O Sing Away Sorrow and Sing Away Care
  18. O the Golden Dawn Has Broken
  19. Only a Smile, It Quickened the Heart
  20. Over All
  21. Pilot Me, O Gracious Savior
  22. Through the Sunshine and the Shadow
  23. We Are Little Soldiers
  24. We’ll Win the World for the Master
  25. What a Happy Band Are We
  26. What Is It Makes My Pathway Bright?
  27. Who Will Work for Jesus?
  28. Whole Wide World for Jesus, The
  29. Would You Make This Dark World Bright?