Gypsy Smith

March 31, 1860, in a gypsy tent in Ep­ping Forest (near London), England.

August 4, 1947, on board the Queen Mary.

Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium, Queens, New York.

A world famous evangelist in his time, Smith made over 40 tours in Amer­i­ca, Aus­tral­ia, and elsewhere:

I’m God’s messenger from the gypsy tent. And it’s the message that’s important, not the messenger. The way to Jesus is not by Cam­bridge and Ox­ford, Glas­gow, Ed­in­burgh, Lon­don, Prince­ton, Har­vard, Yale, Soc­ra­tes, Pla­to, Shakes­peare or the poets—It is over an old-fashioned hill called Cal­va­ry.

Smith’s works include:

  1. After
  2. Almost a Christian
  3. Beautiful Land of My Dreams, The
  4. Beyond Earth’s Sorrows
  5. City Where Cometh No Night, The
  6. Do Not Disappoint Your Mother
  7. God So Loved the World
  8. He Is Coming Back Again
  9. He Knows
  10. He Wants to Be Your Savior, Too
  11. Holy Spirit from Above
  12. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
  13. I Will Sing of His Mercies
  14. Jesus, Revealed to Me
  15. Light of the Cross, The
  16. Not Dreaming
  17. Numberless Blessings
  18. Song of Praise, A
  19. There’s a Rainbow in the Clouds for You
  20. Will You Meet Me in the Homeland
  21. Write a Letter to Your Mother