Ju­ly 11, 1817, Romsey, Hampshire, Eng­land.

March 5, 1888, Marylebone, London, Eng­land.

Hampstead Ce­me­te­ry, West Hampstead, Eng­land.


Smith first preached at age sixteen. After a partial course at the Dublin Theological Institute, he entered the Con­gre­ga­tion­al ministry in 1840. He worked in missions in Ireland for several years, but his more public ministerial work began at Newry. In 1849, he became pastor of the Northumberland Avenue Church in Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire), near Dublin. He eventually began focusing on evangelism rather than pastoral care, but his health failed in 1886. His works in­clude:

  1. Abide in Thee
  2. Jesus Christ Is Passing By
  3. Just as Thou Art—Wondrous Fair
  4. Peace, Peace Is Mine
  5. Rise Up and Hasten
  6. Through the Valley and the Shadow
  7. Yes, We Part, but Not for Ever