March 18, 1827, Jedburgh, Scotland.

January 6, 1917, Burford, Ontario, Canada.

Newmarket Cemetery, Ontario, Canada.

William was the son of John Anderson Smith and Sarah Isabella Veitch, and husband of Catherine Rumney Young.

  1. Awake, Awake, O Zion
  2. Blessed, Blessed, Poor in Spirit
  3. Come to the Savior
  4. Crown of Pride, and Glorious Beauty
  5. Defend Me from My Foes
  6. Earth’s Jubilee
  7. Far from My Father
  8. He’s My Leader
  9. Jesus Is My Friend
  10. King Has Come, The
  11. My Heavenly Friend
  12. O Wayward One, Why Longer Stand?
  13. On Wings of Love
  14. Thou Hast Given This Life to Me
  15. We Are Marching Onward
  16. Woe to Them That Love the Wine Cup