Early 20th Century

Smith, a minister, was living in Candler, North Carolina, in 1913. His works include:

  1. Crystal River, The
  2. Father Is Gone
  3. Happy and Free
  4. How He Died for Me
  5. In the Bright and Happy Tomorrow
  6. In the Sunshine of his Smile
  7. In the Golden By and By
  8. Loved Ones in Glory Are Calling
  9. Mother Is Sleeping
  10. My Sainted Mother’s Far Away
  11. No Tears Up Yonder
  12. Now’s the Time to Win Salvation
  13. O That Morning
  14. Sinless Summer, The
  15. Softly Through the Shades
  16. Somewhere Beyond This Stormy Strand
  17. There’s a Place I Know Is Heaven
  18. Traveling on the Way
  19. We Shall All Rejoice and Sing
  20. We Shall Find Them There
  21. When the Gloom of Night
  22. When the Golden Harps Are Ringing
  23. When the Loved Ones Get Home
  24. When the Saints Are Gathered In
  25. Who Will Meet Me First in Glory?
  26. With the Redeemed
  27. You Must Face the Judgment Morning