Late 19th Century
  1. Birdies Sing Their Songs
  2. How Blessed Is the Throne of Grace
  3. Glad, Sweet Assurance, A
  4. I Once Was a Wand’rer, Far from God
  5. It Is Hard to Keep the Narrow Path Within
  6. Jesus Will Save You Now
  7. My Jesus a Rock of Salvation Will Be
  8. My Sky No More
  9. O Home Eternal in the Heavens
  10. Open the Door and Let Jesus Come In
  11. Songs of Deep Joy Fill My Heart Today
  12. The Clouds No Longer ’Round Me Roll
  13. Tho’ We Are but Children Small
  14. ’Twas When I Was Comfortless, Lonely, and Sad
  15. We Are Little Soldiers
  16. Wilt Thou Not Come to the Savior?