There was reportedly a Lanta W. Smith born circa 1857 and living in Newport County, Rhode Island, in 1890, but we do not know if it was this author.

  1. Beautiful Land of Song
  2. Come Back to God
  3. Do Your Very Best Today
  4. Duty That Calls Today, The
  5. God May Call for You
  6. Heaven’s Harvest Home
  7. Help Me, Master
  8. Home in My Heart for Jesus, A
  9. Honey Out of the Rock
  10. Love One Another
  11. Make Your Life a Song of Gladness
  12. Ministry of Love, The
  13. Road Leads Home, The
  14. Scatter Sunshine
  15. Sunny Side of the Road, The
  16. What Would Jesus Do?
  17. World Must Be Taken, The