April 1878, Louisville, Kentucky.

October 9, 1958, Orangeburg, New York.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack, New York.


Margaret was born while her father Albert Simpson was pastor of the Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Because infant Margaret was dangerously frail, she was baptized in a private ceremony at the manse on April 14, 1878, by Arthur Pierson, a close associate of her father. Margaret was the next to the youngest of six children (one having died).

In 1880, her family moved to New York City. The family home on 331 West 34th Street became a center for prayer and healing: Margaret grew up under the influence of godly parents and a strong body of believers, living through the years of the founding of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. She spent summers with her family at camp meetings in Old Orchard, Maine. Around 1897, the Simpsons moved to Nyack, New York, new location of the Missionary Training Institute (now Nyack College). Later, she married George Buckman and lived most of her adult life in California. She had one son, George, born 1914. In 1956, Margaret moved back to the Nyack area. She is best known for tunes she composed for her father’s hymns.

  1. It Seems Too Good to Be True
  2. Name of Jesus, The
  1. Be Silent to God
  2. Hidden Away with Jesus
  3. Regions Beyond, The