Sep­tem­ber 12, 1856, Barford St. Martin, Wiltshire, Eng­land.

Au­gust 28, 1942, Barnstaple, Devon, Eng­land.

Town F Cemetery, Barnstaple, Devon, Eng­land.


Son of a shoemaker, Simper worked a while at a music shop in Worcester, near that owned by the Elgar family. In the 1890s, he moved to Barnstaple, where he spent the rest of his career working as a choirmaster, organist and composer. He produced a prodigious amount of Anglican church music and organ pieces, aimed at small parish choirs and unskilled organists. His anthems in particular became widely popular and were sold under the slogan Sung throughout the civilized world. Over five million copies were sold by the 1920s.

  1. Carol! Carol Joyfully
  2. Caroling, Caroling, All Thro’ the Night
  3. Hidalgo
  4. Happy Christmas Morning
  5. In Bethl’m of Judah
  6. Now Let Us Raise Our Harvest Song
  7. O Christmas Bells, Ring Far and Near
  8. O Lovely Star That Shone So Bright
  9. Ring Out, O Bells, in Gladness
  10. Roland
  11. Softly the Night Is Sleeping
  12. Star of Bethlehem, Sweetly Shining
  13. Sweet Angels, Ever Bright and Fair
  14. Sweetest Music, Softly Stealing
  15. What Do They Say, These Bells to Me?
  16. Wheat and Barley, Bright with Summer
  17. Waken, Christians! Greet the Morn