September 1, 1791, Norwich, Connecticut.

June 10, 1865, Hartford, Connecticut.

Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.


Daughter of Ezekiel Huntley and Sophia Wentworth Huntley, Lydia conducted a school in Norwich (1809–14), then moved to Hartford. She married Charles Sigourney in Hartford in 1819, and spent most of the rest of her life there, where she was known as the sweet singer of Hartford.

Her first publication was Moral Pieces in Prose and Verse in 1815; she went on to publish almost 60 works in her lifetime. The principal hymnals in which her writings appeared were the Congregational Village Hymns (1824); Ripley’s Selection (1829); the Connecticut Psalms and Hymns (1845); Winchell’s Baptist Additional Hymns; Linsley and Davis’ Select Hymns (1836), and the Universalist Hymns for Christian Devotion, by Adams and Chapin (1846).

  1. As Thy Day, So Shall Thy Strength Be
  2. Blest Comforter Divine
  3. Choose Ye His Cross to Bear
  4. Fill the Fount with Roses
  5. Go to Thy Rest, My Child
  6. Savior, Thy Law We Love
  7. Laborers of Christ, Arise
  8. Onward, Onward, Men of Heaven
  9. Pastor, Thou Art from Us Taken
  10. Not for the Summer Hour Alone
  11. We Mourn for Those Who Toil
  12. We Praise Thee if One Rescued Soul
  13. Where Wilt Thou Put Thy Trust?
  14. When Adverse Winds and Waves Arise