Sep­tem­ber 1, 1791, Nor­wich, Con­nec­ti­cut.

June 10, 1865, Hart­ford, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Spring Grove Cem­e­tery, Hart­ford, Con­nec­ti­cut.


Lydia was the daugh­ter of Eze­ki­el Hunt­ley and So­phia Went­worth, and wife of Charles Si­gour­ney in (mar­ried 1819, Hart­ford).

She con­duct­ed a school in Nor­wich (1809–14), then moved to Hartford. She spent most of the rest of her life there, where she was known as the sweet sing­er of Hart­ford.

Her first pub­li­ca­tion was Mor­al Piec­es in Prose and Verse (1815). She went on to pub­lish al­most 60 works in her life­time. The prin­ci­pal hym­nals in which her writ­ings ap­peared were the Con­gre­ga­tion­al Vil­lage Hymns (1824); Rip­ley’s Se­lec­tion (1829); the Con­nec­ti­cut Psalms and Hymns (1845); Win­chell’s Ba­ptist Ad­di­tion­al Hymns; Lins­ley & Da­vis’ Se­lect Hymns (1836); and the Un­i­ver­sal­ist Hymns for Chris­tian De­vo­tion, by Ad­ams & Cha­pin (1846).

  1. As Thy Day, So Shall Thy Strength Be
  2. Blest Com­for­ter Di­vine
  3. Choose Ye His Cross to Bear
  4. Fill the Fount with Ros­es
  5. Go to Thy Rest, My Child
  6. Savior, Thy Law We Love
  7. Laborers of Christ, Arise
  8. Onward, On­ward, Men of Hea­ven
  9. Pastor, Thou Art from Us Ta­ken
  10. Not for the Sum­mer Hour Alone
  11. We Mourn for Those Who Toil
  12. We Praise Thee if One Res­cued Soul
  13. Where Wilt Thou Put Thy Trust?
  14. When Ad­verse Winds and Waves Arise