November 21, 1759, Sheerness, Kent, England.

August 23, 1829, Highbury, England.


Eldest son of William Shrubsole, as a young man, Shrubsole worked as a shipwright in the dockyard, then as a clerk. In 1785, he moved to London and entered the Bank of England as a clerk; he subsequently became Secretary to the Committee of the Treasury.

For a while he attended St. Anne’s Church in Blackfriars, but for the last 20 years of his life he belonged to the Congregationalists, and attended Hoxton Academy Chapel. He was a director and secretary of the London Missionary Society, and contributed hymns to the Evangelical Magazine, Christian Magazine, Theological Miscellany, Christian Observer, and Youth’s Magazine.

His daughter gave a Memoir of him to Dr. Morison’s Fathers and Founders of the London Missionary Society (London: Fisher, Sons & Company, 1844). According to Nutter, pp. 465, he is a different man from William Shrubsole the composer.

  1. Arm of the Lord, Awake!
  2. As Every Day, Thy Mercy Spares
  3. Bright as the Sun’s Meridian Blaze
  4. In All the Paths of My Feet Pursue
  5. Shall Science Distant Lands Explore
  6. When, Streaming from the Eastern Skies
    • As Every Day Thy Mercy Spares
  7. Ye Saints, Your Grateful Praises Bring
  8. Zion Awake, Thy Strength Renew