20th Century
  1. As a Pilgrim and a Stranger
  2. As a Pilgrim on a Journey
  3. As I Journey Along, Often Singing
  4. At the Roll Call Yonder
  5. Back in the Days of Old There Was
  6. Christ, the Lord Is Coming Back to Earth Some Day
  7. Down Here We Have Trouble
  8. Every Day I’m Drawing Nearer
  9. God Gave to His Creation
  10. God Has Taken a Flower
  11. Going On, Just Singing
  12. I Am Just a Weary Pilgrim Here
  13. I Am on My Way Home
  14. I Am on My Way to Yonder City
  15. I Am Singing a Song as I Travel On
  16. I Am Singing Day By Day as I
  17. I Am Singing on the Way
  18. I Am Waiting for That Morning
  19. I Have a Friend Who Walks with Me
  20. I Have a Home Beyond the Great Divide
  21. I Have Read of a Land
  22. I Know There Is a Home for Me
  23. I Once Traveled the Downward Pathway
  24. I Will Meet You in the Morning
  25. I Will Meet You Yonder
  26. If You Cross over Jordan Before I Do
  27. I’ll Not Turn Back Any More, My Lord
  28. I’m A-gonna Walk on De [the] Streets of Glory
  29. I’m Going Home to Join the Singing
  30. I’m Going over Jordan
  31. I’m Just a Pilgrim and a Stranger Here
  32. I’m Looking Ahead
  33. I’m Looking for My Lord to Come
  34. I’m Looking for That City Just Beyond
  35. I’m Looking for That Country Bright and Fair
  36. I’m on My Way to That Happy Land
  37. I’m Walking with My Lord
  38. I’ve Got a Feeling, a New Born
  39. I’ve Got That Love Down in My Soul
  40. I’ve Got the Old Fashioned Love
  41. Let Us Be Up and Working Daily
  42. Like the Children of Isr’l
  43. Look Unto Jesus Heaven’s Great King
  44. O My Brother, Are You Ready
  45. Oft in Sorrow I Wonder and Travel
  46. Oft We Read About a City
  47. Often Here When I Grow Weary
  48. Old Moses Led the Children Forward
  49. On the Resurrection Morning
  50. Once I Wandered Alone in the Valley So Drear
  51. Reapers Awake, Hear the Lord
  52. Shall I Meet You Up There
  53. Sing on, Dear Brother
  54. Some Beautiful Day I’ll Go
  55. Something Is Keeping Me So Happy
  56. Soon I Shall Leave This Troublesome Way
  57. Soon I’ll Leave This Region Below
  58. Soon I’ll Leave This Region of Sin
  59. Sweetest Joybells Are Ringing
  60. The Church of God Will Stand
  61. There Is Joy Divine in This Soul of Mine
  62. There Will Dawn a Golden Morning
  63. There’s a Beautiful Home in Glory
  64. There’s a City Just over the River
  65. There’s a Crown Awaiting for the Faithful Few
  66. There’s a Happy Feeling Down in My Soul
  67. There’s a Land Beyond the River
  68. There’s a Mighty River We All Must Cross
  69. There’s Coming a Time
  70. This Mortal Body Must Go Back
  71. This World Is Not the Place for Me
  72. Waiting for the Call
  73. Wake Up, Reapers, the Harvest
  74. We Are Living in a Time of Gloom
  75. We Shall See the Savior Coming
  76. Weary Pilgrim, Bound for Glory
  77. We’ll Have a New Body
  78. Well, I’ve Been A-talking
  79. What a Joy It Brings to Me
  80. What a Meeting on Fair Canaan’s
  81. What a Wonderful Tomorrow
  82. When Cometh Setting of Sun
  83. When I Come to the Valley
  84. When I Hear the Good Old Gospel Song
  85. When I Reach the Silent River
  86. When I Shall Cross the Lonely Dark River
  87. When I’m Growing Old and Feeble
  88. When My Name Is Called Up Yonder
  89. When My Traveling Days Down Here
  90. When the Children of Isr’l Come
  91. When the Glorious Bells Shall Ring
  92. When the Home Bells Shall Ring
  93. When the Sun Is Setting in the West
  94. When the Way Seems Long and Dreary
  95. When We Get Home to Glory Land
  96. When We Wake Up Tomorrow
  97. When Your Feet Grow Weary
  98. While Traveling Through This Land