November 2, 1864, Cherry Grove, Virginia (now West Virginia).

November 29, 1947, Montgomery County, Ohio.

Bethel Cemetery, Phillipsburg, Ohio.


Henry’s brother was Anthony Showalter. He is remembered as a singer, teacher, composer, and publisher.

  1. Come Sing Aloud the Happy Song
  2. I Am So Happy Now in Jesus
  3. Lord, with Devotion We Pray Thee
  4. My Savior Came Down from His Home Above
  5. O I’m Hoping Sometime When My Savior Shall Come
  6. Singing for Jesus
  7. There Is Life for the Sinner at the Fountain
  8. There’s a Blessed Fount
  9. We’ll Meet Again
  1. Mendocino
  2. More Like Thee
  3. There Is Joy in My Soul Today