May 1, 1858, Cherry Grove, Virginia (now West Virginia).

November 16, 1924, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

West Hill Cemetery, Dalton, Georgia.


Son of John A. and Susanna Miller Showalter, and husband of Callie Walser Showalter, Anthony was educated in the public schools. He began the study of music in singing schools and private classes taught by his father, and attended his first normal music school at New Market, Virginia, taught by Benjamin C. Unseld and P. J. Merges, in 1876. He later attended two more sessions of the same school, in the latter starting study of the organ under Mr. Merges. He attended George F. Root’s National Normal in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Horatio Palmer’s International Normal at Meadeville, Pennsylvania. He began teaching singing schools at age 14, literary school at age 19, and normal schools at age 22. For a year in 1895, he studied music in England, France, and Germany.

Showalter published over 130 music books which sold more than a million copies. He was principal of the Southern Normal Musical Institute in Dalton, Georgia, from its inception in 1880. He edited The Musical Teacher (later renamed the Music Teacher and Home) magazine for over 20 years, and served as an elder of the First Presbyterian Church in Dalton, Georgia. He Joined the Music Teachers National Association in 1888, and was vice president for Georgia for several years. He was president of the A. J. Showalter Company in Dalton, Georgia, and the Showalter-Patton Company in Dallas, Texas, two of the largest music publishing houses in the American south.

Showalter was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 2000. His works include:

  1. Amid the Strain and Stress of Life
  2. Are You Ready for the Bridegroom?
  3. Are You Ready for the Call of Your Lord?
  4. Are You Seeking Some Soul Out of Christ Today?
  5. Are You Walking in the Light of the Gospel
  6. Are Your Sins Forgiven?
  7. Away, Away, Into the Harvest Field
  8. Be Glad, Little Children
  9. Beautiful Faith That Will Lead Us
  10. Blessed Redeemer, I’d Live for Thee
  11. Blessed Way the Master Taught to All, The
  12. By and By, O Weary Brother
  13. By and By, We’ll Meet with All
  14. Christ Hath Redeemed Us from Bondage and Sin
  15. Come Across the Line, My Brother
  16. Come, Come to the Savior
  17. Come from Thy Bondage
  18. Come, Let Us Join in a Song of Grateful Praise
  19. Come to Jesus While You May
  20. Dear Children, the Shepherd Is Calling
  21. Dear Friends, We Come at Last
  22. Dear Savior, I Come to Thee
  23. Dear Savior, I Would Come to Thee
  24. Done Is the Work of the Day and the Year
  25. Don’t You Want to Go to the Land?
  26. Draw Me, My Savior, Closer to Thee
  27. Eternity Is Drawing Nearer, Brother
  28. Evening Bells Are Chanting
  29. Fellow Traveler Through This Vale
  30. For Thy Name’s Sake Lead
  31. Glory to God, Who Reigns on High
  32. God Make My Life a Little Light
  33. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah to the God Above
  34. Hallelujah, the Glory of Heaven
  35. Happy, Happy New Year
  36. Hear the Bells of Heaven Ringing
  37. Hear the Earnest Invitation of Today
  38. Hear the Savior Sweetly Saying, Come to Me
  39. Hear the Sweet Voice of the Savior So True
  40. Heavenly Father, Guide Me in the Way of Life
  41. Heavenly Father, Hear Me
  42. Heaven’s My Home
  43. Here Am I, Send Me Whither Thou Wouldst
  44. Here Are Trials and Temptations
  45. Here Our Stay Is Transient, Sorrows Oft Betide
  46. Holding the Hand of My Savior
  47. How Sweet the Thought of Childhood Days
  48. I Am in the Blessed Way
  49. I Am Praising My Savior and King
  50. I Glory in the Cross of Christ
  51. I Have Read the Wondrous Story of the Lamb
  52. I Know That Jesus Saves Me
  53. I Will Follow Where My Savior Leads
  54. I’m Drifting No More on the Treacherous
  55. I’m on My Way to Realms Above
  56. I’m Saved by Grace Through the Blood of the Lamb
  57. I’m Saved by the Blood
  58. In Psalms and Hymns
  59. In That Bright Land to Which We Go
  60. In That Home Above, Happy Home
  61. In That Land of Light and Love
  62. In the Battle of Life We’ll Go Forth
  63. In the Blessed Service
  64. In the Bright Red of the Sunset Glow
  65. In the Glory Way to Heaven I Am Going
  66. In the Morning of Life
  67. In the Name of Christ, Our Lord
  68. In the Resurrection Morning
  69. In the Vineyard of the Lord, Trusting
  70. In This World of Sore Temptation
  71. I’ve Found in the Lord the Redeemer I Sought
  72. I’ve Found the Peace My Heart
  73. I’ve Read of a City Whose Streets Are of Gold
  74. Jesus Died on Calvary, Praise His Name
  75. Jesus Is Calling, Is Calling Today
  76. Jesus Is Gracious and Ready to Bless
  77. Jesus Is Passing This Way
  78. Jesus Knocks at Thy Heart
  79. Jesus Sought Me When Astray
  80. Joy and Gladness Fills My Happy
  81. Just to Trust and Obey
  82. Let the Savior’s Name Exalted Be
  83. Let Your Light So Shine, Says the Book Divine
  84. Light of the World Is Jesus, The
  85. Listen to the Savior’s Words
  86. Little Beams of Brightness
  87. Little While Longer to Hope, A
  88. Lord Has Promised Good to Me, The
  89. Lord Is Now My Shepherd, The
  90. Lord Jesus, Come in Love and Power
  91. Lord Omnipotent Shall Reign, The
  92. Love Is the Theme of Our Song
  93. Many Are the Homes That Are Dark Tonight
  94. Many Are Those Mansions Bright
  95. Millions Now Are on the Way
  96. Morning’s Ruddy Beam Tints the Eastern Sky
  97. My Heart Is Filled with Wondrous Joy Today
  98. My Heart Is Full of Song Today
  99. Never Alone, No, Never Alone
  100. Night Is Dark, the Winds Are Strong, The
  101. No Gloomy Shadows Over Yonder
  102. O Be Ready When the Bridegroom Comes
  103. O How Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  104. O I Am So Happy in Jesus, My Lord
  105. O I Know Not if Purer I’ll Be
  106. O Let the Blessed Sunshine In
  107. O the Glory That Awaits Us
  108. O to Be Like Him, O to Be Like Him
  109. O What Glory All Transcendent
  110. O Where Is There Cleansing for My Sin?
  111. O Wondrous Is the Message
  112. Once the Days Were Dark and Drear for Me
  113. One by One
  114. Onward, Onward Haste, Ye Christian Soldiers
  115. Open the Windows of Heaven (Showalter)
  116. Out on Life’s Broad Ocean Sailing
  117. Out on the Mountains Bleak
  118. Pilgrims Here Below, Through This Vale We Go
  119. Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise the Creator
  120. Praise the Redeemer, Praise Ye
  121. Praise Ye the Lord, O Praise
  122. Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice, in Songs of Praise Your
  123. Savior, in Thy Mercy, Hear Us Bless Us While We Pray
  124. Savior Is Pleading for Your Soul, The
  125. Savior, May We Give Our Hearts to Thee
  126. Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart
  127. Send the Gospel News Today
  128. Sing Praises to God for His Mercy
  129. Sing We Now of Home, Happy, Happy Home
  130. So Near the Kingdom of Life
  131. Some Day I Shall Waken in Glory
  132. Some Sweet Day
  133. Songs of Joy and Gladness
  134. Songs of Joy and Gladness Fill My Soul Today
  135. Sunward Turn Your Faces
  136. There Are Mansions Prepared for the People
  137. There Is a Fountain Opened Wide
  138. There Is a Full Salvation
  139. There Is Cleansing in Jesus’ Blood
  140. There Is Full Salvation Offered
  141. There Is Sunlight on the Hills
  142. There Will Be a Glad Reunion on the Other Shore
  143. There Will Be No Dark Valley When I Am Called to Go
  144. There Will Come a Happy Time in the Glorious By and By
  145. There’s a Heavenly Stranger
  146. They Shall Gather at Last from All Nations
  147. This Is the Day When Salvation Is Nigh
  148. This World Is Not My Resting Place, Heaven’s My Home
  149. Though at Times You May Feel Discouraged
  150. Though Dark the Night of Sin and Sorrow
  151. Though I Have Strayed in Paths of Sin
  152. Though I Wandered Long in Darkness
  153. Thy Father Hath Prepared a Feast
  154. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock
  155. Time Is Flying, Men Are Dying
  156. Tired of the World with Its Sin
  157. ’Tis Sweet, Blest Lord
  158. To the New Jerusalem Prepared
  159. To the Work, to the Work (Showalter)
  160. Trusting in Jesus for Life
  161. Walking and Talking with Jesus Each Day
  162. Walking in the King’s Highway
  163. We Are on Our Way to That Land of Day
  164. We Are on Our Way to the Realms of Day
  165. We Are on the March to the Promised Land
  166. We Are Pressing on in the Work of Life
  167. We Are Straying Pilgrims
  168. We Are Toilers in the Vineyard
  169. We Are Toiling Today While Beams
  170. Weary Sinner, Longing for Rest
  171. We’re Living in Hopes of a Blessed Reward
  172. We’re Marching to Zion
  173. We’re Sailing o’er An Ocean Wide
  174. What a Savior!
  175. What Fellowship Today Is Mine
  176. When Earth’s Labors Are O’er
  177. When That Great Illustrious Day Shall Come
  178. When the Toiler Homeward Wends
  179. When the Trials of Life Here Are Ended
  180. When the Weary Toil of This Life
  181. When This Toilsome Life Is o’er
  182. When Thy Heart with Love Is
  183. When We Gather Round the Throne
  184. When We Reach That Royal City
  185. Where Is Your Hope, My Brother
  186. While We Yet Were Sinners
  187. Why Not Heed to the Call of Mercy?
  188. Wide Open Stands the Gate
  189. With Earnest Endeavor for Christ
  190. With Jesus By My Side Each Day
  191. Witnessing for Jesus
  192. Wonderful the Story
  193. Work for the Lord, Young Christians
  194. You Would Have Your Sins Forgiven
  1. After the Life-Paths
  2. Armies of Zion
  3. Be a Blessing
  4. Bolzano
  5. Christ Is Near Me
  6. Come to Me
  7. Draw Me Closer, Lord, to Thee
  8. I’ll Be There
  9. In the Morning of Joy
  10. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  11. Like a Wayward Child I Wandered
  12. Mehlville
  13. My Dearest Friend
  14. Peace, Be Still
  15. Peace Through the Blood
  16. Resting in Jesus’ Arms
  17. Silver Linings
  18. Sing Praises to God
  19. Waves of Salvation, The