Late 19th Century

We have little data on Shook. His name is sometimes given with the title Professor, indicating he was a teacher. Copyright registrations from 1917 and 1918 for some of Shook’s works show the copyright owner as Lowell Bettis Shook of Riverside, California. However, Lowell Bettis Shook (1890-1946) is too young to have been the composer, whose work was in print by 1883.

We speculate this composer is probably the L. B. Shook (1853-1924) who is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Bastrop, Texas. In 1880, L. B. Shook helped lead a singing school in Mountain Home, Bell County, Texas (now Holland, Texas) (Hall, p. 377). In 1882, Shook and Mrs. T. M. Griffin published On The Banks Of That Bright River, a quartet for voice and piano, in Galveston, Texas.

Shook’s works include:

  1. Brussels
  2. Trabzon
  3. Winnipeg