September 22, 1879, Camden, South Carolina.

May 5, 1962, Asheville, North Carolina.

Shields was Director of Children’s Work for the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. Board of Christian Education, 1914–36. She built her home, Altalure, in Montreat, North Carolina, in 1933. Her works include:

  1. Bible Is a Treasure Book, The
  2. Call Rings Out for Service, A
  3. Chiming Church Bells Ring
  4. Church of God Is calling, The
  5. Each Little Creature Our Father
  6. Father, as the Morning Sun
  7. Father in Heaven, Our Offering
  8. Forgive Me, God, for Things I Do
  9. Friends, Friends, Friends
  10. Friends of All We’d Like to Be
  11. Hail to the Great Creator
  12. Have You Heard That Angels Sang?
  13. Hear the Church Bells Sweetly Ringing
  14. Help Us, Father, to Remember
  15. I Have a Friend Who Loves Me
  16. I Like to Think of Jesus
  17. I Wake in the Morning
  18. In Days of Old in Palestine
  19. Glad I Am to Live
  20. Lord, Help Me to Learn to Share
  21. Nature’s Message
  22. Night Wind in the Trees, The
  23. On a Bed of Sweet, New Hay
  24. Our Father Has Watched o’er Our Birthday
  25. Our Father Made the Ocean
  26. Our Heavenly Father Gives Us
  27. Sleep, Little Seed
  28. Sometimes When Morning Lights the Sky
  29. Teach Us, Lord, Thy Wisdom
  30. This Is the Way the Snowflakes Fall
  31. Useful to My Home Folk
  32. We Thank Thee, Father, for Our Homes
  33. When Jesus Was a Baby Boy
  34. While the Christmas Stars Are Shining
  35. World Is a Beautiful, Wonderful Home, The
  1. Others