1665, England.

January 29, 1739, Bocking, Essex, England.

Bocking End Congregational Church, Braintree, Essex, England.

Son of William Shepherd, sometime Vicar of Tilbrook, Bedfordshire, Thomas was ordained an Anglican priest, serving first at St. Neots, then in Buckinghamshire. He later left the Church of England, and in 1694 became pastor of the Independent Castle Hill Baptist Meeting, Northampton (Philip Doddridge later served there, as well). In 1700 he moved to Bocking, Essex, preaching in a barn for several years before a chapel could be built. He served there the remainder of his life.

  1. Alas! My God, That We Should Be
  2. Death Steals upon Us Unawares
  3. Great God, Thou Art a God of Grace
  4. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
  5. My God, My God, My Light