Fred S. Shepherd
  1. Abide in Me, the Sav­ior Sa­ith
  2. Are You Help­ing Some­one?
  3. Are You Help­ing Some­where?
  4. Behold the Sav­ior at Your Door
  5. Bowed Down by Sin
  6. Brother, the Sav­ior Call­eth for Thee
  7. Brother, the Sav­ior Calls
  8. Come to My Bur­dened Heart, Je­sus
  9. Come to the Sav­ior, Seek His Face Today
  10. Come Weary One, in Me Find Rest
  11. Costly Ran­som Christ Hath Made, A
  12. Cross on the Hill of Cal­va­ry, The
  13. Dearer This Pro­mise We Have Heard
  14. Deeply Bowed Down by the Bur­den of Sin
  15. Far Off on the Moun­tain
  16. Father, I Would Hum­ble Be
  17. Garnered Sheaves We’re Bring­ing, The
  18. Gladly Leav­ing Hea­ven’s Throne
  19. Gospel Brings Sun­shine, The
  20. Have You Been Alone with Je­sus?
  21. Have You Ever Heard of This Won­der­ful Sal­va­tion?
  22. Have You Heard of the Won­der­ful Sav­ior?
  23. Have You Tasted of Sal­va­tion?
  24. He Died for Me, the Son of God
  25. Heavenly Father, Hear Our Cry
  26. I Am Saved by Faith in Je­sus
  27. I Am Singing of Je­sus My Sav­ior
  28. I Can Sing Hal­le­lu­jah
  29. I Come to Thee, Lord Je­sus
  30. I Heard the Sav­ior’s Gen­tle Voice
  31. I Sing, for My Sav­ior and King Has Giv­en
  32. I Stand Be­hold­ing Cal­va­ry’s Cross
  33. I’m An­chored to the Pro­mis­es of God
  34. I’m Kneel­ing at the Mer­cy Seat, Where
  35. I’m Out on the Ocean of In­fi­nite Love
  36. I’m Out on the Ocean Sail­ing
  37. In the Hour of Grief and Pain
  38. In the Hour When Pain and Ang­uish
  39. In the Hour When Sin
  40. It Is Al­ways Safe to Fol­low
  41. I’ve Joined the Bless­ed Go­spel Band
  42. Jesus, Bless­ed Sav­ior, Hear Me
  43. Jesus Calls for Ac­tive Ser­vice
  44. Jesus Came the Lost to Find
  45. Jesus Hath Re­deemed Me
  46. Jesus Is Call­ing
  47. Jesus Is Lov­ing­ly Call­ing You
  48. Jesus Is My Sav­ior, Hal­le­lu­jah
  49. Jesus’ Love Is Vast as Hea­ven
  50. Jesus, Sav­ior, Hear My Plead­ings
  51. Jesus, Sav­ior, Thou Alone
  52. Jesus Will Guide Us All the Way Through
  53. King Is My Friend, The
  54. Let Je­sus Reign, Let Je­sus Reign
  55. Let Je­sus Reign, the World Should Own
  56. Lift Your Voic­es, Now, in Praise
  57. Lo the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  58. Lord Our Cap­tain Is, The
  59. Loudly Roar the Storms of Sin
  60. Make Je­sus King
  61. Many Souls That Now Are Dy­ing
  62. My Barque Drifts No More
  63. My Heart, Why Art Thou So Wea­ry?
  64. My Soul Hath Been
  65. My Soul Is Re­joic­ing, the Sav­ior I Know
  66. Never Leave Me, nor For­sake Me
  67. Now to the Lord
  68. O I Am So Glad We Have Je­sus
  69. O, My Heart Is Bowed Down by the Bur­den of Sin
  70. O My Soul, Bless Thou Je­ho­vah
  71. O Sav­ior, Pre­pare Me, I Pray
  72. O the Won­drous Love of Je­sus
  73. On This Joy­ous Child­ren’s Day
  74. Only a Look at Je­sus
  75. Open the Heart’s Door Wide
  76. Peal the Tid­ings Forth
  77. Rejoice, for the Lord Hath Re­deemed
  78. Sailor, Is Your Life Boat
  79. Saved by the Blood of the Sav­ior
  80. Savior Is Call­ing You, Bro­ther, The
  81. See the Shin­ing Fields of Wav­ing Grain
  82. Sing Aloud the Praise of Je­sus
  83. Sing Prais­es to Our God, and Bless
  84. Sing to the Lord a Joy­ful Song
  85. Sorrow and Sad­ness Around Us
  86. There Is a Sweet, En­dur­ing Peace
  87. There Is Mu­sic in My Soul
  88. There Is Now No Con­dem­na­tion
  89. There’s a Light That Is Shin­ing Now Bright­ly
  90. There’s a Light That Will Lead Us to Hea­ven
  91. There’s a Sto­ry Oft Re­peat­ed
  92. Thy God Reign­eth
  93. Unto God the Fa­ther Be Prais­es
  94. We Are Lit­tle Child­ren
  95. We Are March­ing On­ward in the Way of Life
  96. We Fain Would Raise Our Need of Praise
  97. We’re Fond of Days of Sun­shine
  98. Why, O Why, Should I Hap­py Be
  99. Would You Know the Way to Light­en
  100. You May Wan­der Far Away
  1. It Was Je­sus
  2. Jesus, the Cru­ci­fied
  3. Let Your Light So Shine
  4. Nothing Is Too Hard for Je­sus
  5. Tarry with Me
  6. Waikiki
  7. With the Sword of the Lord