Fred S. Shepherd
  1. Abide in Me, the Savior Saith
  2. Are You Helping Someone?
  3. Are You Helping Somewhere?
  4. Behold the Savior at Your Door
  5. Bowed Down by Sin
  6. Brother, the Savior Calleth for Thee
  7. Brother, the Savior Calls
  8. Come to My Burdened Heart, Jesus
  9. Come to the Savior, Seek His Face Today
  10. Come Weary One, in Me Find Rest
  11. Costly Ransom Christ Hath Made, A
  12. Cross on the Hill of Calvary, The
  13. Dearer This Promise We Have Heard
  14. Deeply Bowed Down by the Burden of Sin
  15. Far Off on the Mountain
  16. Father, I Would Humble Be
  17. Garnered Sheaves We’re Bringing, The
  18. Gladly Leaving Heaven’s Throne
  19. Gospel Brings Sunshine, The
  20. Have You Been Alone with Jesus?
  21. Have You Ever Heard of This Wonderful Sal­va­tion?
  22. Have You Heard of the Wonderful Savior?
  23. Have You Tasted of Sal­va­tion?
  24. He Died for Me, the Son of God
  25. Heavenly Father, Hear Our Cry
  26. I Am Saved by Faith in Jesus
  27. I Am Singing of Jesus My Savior
  28. I Can Sing Hallelujah
  29. I Come to Thee, Lord Jesus
  30. I Heard the Savior’s Gentle Voice
  31. I Sing, for My Savior and King Has Given
  32. I Stand Beholding Calvary’s Cross
  33. I’m Anchored to the Promises of God
  34. I’m Kneeling at the Mercy Seat, Where
  35. I’m Out on the Ocean of Infinite Love
  36. I’m Out on the Ocean Sailing
  37. In the Hour of Grief and Pain
  38. In the Hour When Pain and Anguish
  39. In the Hour When Sin
  40. It Is Always Safe to Follow
  41. I’ve Joined the Blessed Gospel Band
  42. Jesus, Blessed Savior, Hear Me
  43. Jesus Calls for Active Service
  44. Jesus Came the Lost to Find
  45. Jesus Hath Redeemed Me
  46. Jesus Is Calling
  47. Jesus Is Lovingly Calling You
  48. Jesus Is My Savior, Hallelujah
  49. Jesus’ Love Is Vast as Heaven
  50. Jesus, Savior, Hear My Pleadings
  51. Jesus, Savior, Thou Alone
  52. Jesus Will Guide Us All the Way Through
  53. King Is My Friend, The
  54. Let Jesus Reign, Let Jesus Reign
  55. Let Jesus Reign, the World Should Own
  56. Lift Your Voices, Now, in Praise
  57. Lo the Blessed Savior
  58. Lord Our Captain Is, The
  59. Loudly Roar the Storms of Sin
  60. Make Jesus King
  61. Many Souls That Now Are Dying
  62. My Barque Drifts No More
  63. My Heart, Why Art Thou So Weary?
  64. My Soul Hath Been
  65. My Soul Is Rejoicing, the Savior I Know
  66. Never Leave Me, Nor Forsake Me
  67. Now to the Lord
  68. O I Am So Glad We Have Jesus
  69. O, My Heart Is Bowed Down by the Burden of Sin
  70. O My Soul, Bless Thou Jehovah
  71. O Savior, Prepare Me, I Pray
  72. O the Wondrous Love of Jesus
  73. On This Joyous Children’s Day
  74. Only a Look at Jesus
  75. Open the Heart’s Door Wide
  76. Peal the Tidings Forth
  77. Rejoice, for the Lord Hath Redeemed
  78. Sailor, Is Your Life Boat
  79. Saved by the Blood of the Savior
  80. Savior Is Calling You, Brother, The
  81. See the Shining Fields of Waving Grain
  82. Sing Aloud the Praise of Jesus
  83. Sing Praises to Our God, and Bless
  84. Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song
  85. Sorrow and Sadness Around Us
  86. There Is a Sweet, Enduring Peace
  87. There Is Music in My Soul
  88. There Is Now No Condemnation
  89. There’s a Light That Is Shining Now Brightly
  90. There’s a Light That Will Lead Us to Heaven
  91. There’s a Story Oft Repeated
  92. Thy God Reigneth
  93. Unto God the Father Be Praises
  94. We Are Little Children
  95. We Are Marching Onward in the Way of Life
  96. We Fain Would Raise Our Need of Praise
  97. We’re Fond of Days of Sunshine
  98. Why, O Why, Should I Happy Be
  99. Would You Know the Way to Lighten
  100. You May Wander Far Away
  1. It Was Jesus
  2. Jesus, the Crucified
  3. Let Your Light So Shine
  4. Nothing Is Too Hard for Jesus
  5. Tarry with Me
  6. Waikiki
  7. With the Sword of the Lord