Late 19th Century
  1. Have You Been to the Foun­tain?
  2. I Will Sing a Song of That Land So Fair
  3. I’ll Sing of That Beautiful Land
  4. In the Battle, Soldiers of the Living God
  5. Is Jesus Able and Willing to Save?
  6. Lo at the Cross of Calvary
  7. Lift the Gospel Banner
  8. My Brother That’s Out of the Fold
  9. Near, Near Me, O My Savior, Stand
  10. O Lord, to Thee Our Voice in Song
  11. O My Soul Is Happy in the Love of God
  12. Only the Blood of Jesus
  13. Saints of God Are Marching On, The
  14. Weary of Sin by Sorrow Oppressed
  15. We’re a Little Christian Band
  16. When Earth’s Sorrows, Like a Shadow
  17. When the Way Seems Dark and Drear
  1. Manaus
  2. Sweet Hosannas
  3. Treviso