1829, New York. She is said to have been from Mount Morris.

January 8, 1887, Cresco, Iowa.

Oak Lawn Cemetery, Cresco, Iowa.

The 1880 census lists Caroline, age 51, and her husband Joseph in La Porte, Indiana. This age would give her a computed birth year of 1829. However, her obituary in the Iowa Plain Dealer, January 13, 1887, gave her age as 55, which would yield a birth year of 1832. Research in New York, her reported birth place, will probably be required to resolve the discrepancy.

Smith reports more than 400 of Shacklock’s songs were published.

  1. After the Soul’s Deep Anguish
  2. After the Toil and Turmoil
  3. Ah ’Tis the Old, Old Story
  4. Are You Working?
  5. At the Portal of the Kingdom Jesus Stands
  6. Beautiful Home in the Mansions
  7. Beautiful Hope That We Cherish
  8. Beautiful Words of the Savior
  9. Behold the Savior at the Door
  10. Call Them in, They Are God’s Children
  11. Come to Jesus, Thou Art Weary
  12. Come to the Life Giving Fountain
  13. Come to the Rescue, My Brother
  14. Come unto Me
  15. Come, Wanderer, Come
  16. Dare to Fight Life’s Glorious
  17. Do You Dream of the Joys of the Life to Come?
  18. Down the Wonderful Tide of the River
  19. Earthly Hopes May Fade and Die
  20. Enclosed in the Walls of Salvation
  21. Far from the Master’s Kingdom
  22. Fill Up the Cup, the Crystal Cup
  23. Fly to the Refuge Before Thee
  24. Following Jesus, Our Mighty Exemplar
  25. From Thy Bondage, Weary Captive
  26. Gate of Heaven Is Open, The
  27. Give Us Light, O Gentle Shepherd
  28. God So Loved His Erring Children
  29. Have You Heard the Sweet Message Today?
  30. Have You Worked in the Field?
  31. Have You Worked in the Master’s Vineyard?
  32. He Came on Earth to Bless and Save
  33. He Is Lord of Life and Glory
  34. He Will Come, Our Risen Lord
  35. Heavy, Lord, Thy Hand
  36. Holy Father, We Are Trusting
  37. Hope of the Desolate
  38. How Sweet the Fragrance
  39. I Am Guided on the Way
  40. I Am Not Weary Though Long Is the Road
  41. I Brought My Sins to Calvary
  42. I Have Tossed upon the Billows
  43. I’ll Trust the Lord
  44. I’m A-Thirst for the Fountain of Mercy
  45. In Darkest Hour of Sorrow
  46. In Its Stately Pride the Ship Went Down
  47. In the Cross of Christ I Glory
  48. In the Darkness Hour of Sorrow
  49. In Thy Temple, Lord
  50. It Is Finished, Our Redemption
  51. Jesus Graciously Is Calling
  52. Jesus Is Lovingly Calling
  53. Jesus, Is There Room for Me
  54. Jesus Is Waiting
  55. Jesus, Keep Us in the Fold
  56. Jesus, Lead Us by the Hand
  57. Jesus, May Thy Light Divine
  58. Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls
  59. Jesus, Take Me by the Hand
  60. Jesus, We Are Coming
  61. Journeying on to the Beautiful Land
  62. Lark at Morn Is Soaring High, The
  63. Let Others Seek the Crowns
  64. Let Us Come, Rejoicing, Singing
  65. Let Us Come Today with Singing
  66. Let Your Lamps Be Trimmed and Burning
  67. Lift It High, ’Tis Pure as the Morning
  68. Lift Me Higher
  69. Look Not Back Thy Pathway Leaving
  70. Lord, I Seek the Mercy Seat
  71. Make Room, O Lord, for Me
  72. More Like Jesus I Would Be, Clothed
  73. My Heart’s O’erflowing with Gladness
  74. My Hope Is in Thy Promise
  75. Nearer Jesus
  76. Now in Life’s Beautiful Morning
  77. O Come to the Bright Crystal Fountain
  78. O Galilee, Sweet Galilee
  79. O How Sweet Is the Song
  80. O Look Up to the Hills
  81. O Loving Heart of Jesus
  82. O Thou Weary Captive
  83. O Thou Who Hast My Ransom Paid
  84. O to Be More Like Jesus
  85. O Youth in the Springtime
  86. Of the Loving Household Band
  87. Oh When the Morning in Splendor
  88. On the Sea My Bark Is Tossing
  89. Once Again with Joyous Greeting
  90. One More Step upon the Way
  91. Only Jesus
  92. Only Waiting
  93. Onward, Press, O Fainting Soul
  94. Open Your Doors to the Sunshine
  95. Outcast from Home, Despised, Oppressed
  96. Past the Toil, the Pain, the Conflict
  97. Precious Words by Jesus Spoken
  98. Purer Pearls in Glory Shine
  99. Rest in Heaven
  100. Rest of the Weary, and Hope of the Soul
  101. Resting in Jesus
  102. Ring Out, Triumphant, Bells!
  103. Robes of Light the Angels Wear
  104. Savior, Hear a Little Child
  105. Savior, in My Heart Abide
  106. Seek I Now the Golden Gate
  107. Seek the Blessed Savior in the Morning Hours
  108. Shadow of the Cross, The
  109. Singing to the Lord
  110. Sky Is Overcast with Clouds of Gloom, The
  111. Soldiers of Christ Are We
  112. Soldiers of Jesus, His Cross We Bear
  113. Spread the Glad Evangel
  114. Stand for the Right
  115. Star of Hope in Faith’s Pure Vision
  116. Stormy Path of Earthly Life, The
  117. Tenderly, Lovingly Guarded
  118. There Are Jewels Far More Precious
  119. There Are Perils Ever Lurking
  120. There Is a Song Whose Words Express
  121. There Is Joy in the Presence
  122. There Is Rest
  123. There’s a Balm for the Spirit
  124. There’s a Cry from Nations Groping
  125. There’s a Fountain Above
  126. There’s an Amber Hue
  127. They Are Drifting Away on the Sea of Life
  128. They Are Going Down the Valley
  129. They Go to Preach the Blessed Word
  130. Though the Tempest Gather
  131. Trusting in the Promise, Lord
  132. Trusting Jesus, I Can Never from the Path
  133. Turning Away from the Life Divine
  134. Wandering and Weary
  135. Watch and Pray
  136. We Are Climbing the Starry Way
  137. We Are Coming from the Darksome
  138. We Are Marching, Onward Marching
  139. We Are Sailing o’er the Billows
  140. We Are Travelers Homeward
  141. We Are Young, but We Can Find
  142. We Can Trust in the Promise
  143. We Come with a Message from Heaven Above
  144. We Follow Thee in Sunshine
  145. We Have Met Today to Hear
  146. We Know We’re the Heirs of a King
  147. We Know We’ve a Father Above
  148. We Love the Bells That Call Us Here
  149. Weak and Sinful Though I Be
  150. We’re a Band of Little Children
  151. We’re Bound for the Mansions of Glory
  152. We’re Singing the Angels’ Song Today
  153. What Have We Done?
  154. When the Golden Gates
  155. When to the Throne of Grace Divine
  156. When We Reach the Blessed Portal
  157. Will My Eyes Be Dim with Weeping
  158. With No Pomp of Earthly
  159. With Weary, Faltering Feet
  160. Wonderful, Wonderful Love!
  161. Would You Know the Love of Jesus?
  162. Ye Who Bear the Name of Jesus