Hamp Sewell

January 7, 1875, near Atlanta, Georgia.

May 11, 1938, Temple, Georgia.

Asbury Cemetery, Temple, Georgia.

Hamp was the son of Pliny Isaac Sewell and Mary Annie Lee, and husband of Elizabeth Myrtice Bettie Griffin.

He studied music with Anthony Showalter and, after working as a merchant and farmer, served as an evangelistic singer with Rev. Charles Dunaway, starting in 1909. He worked in the evangelism field throughout the southern United States for over 25 years, and wrote some 500 songs. His works include:

  1. He Included Me
  2. I Am the Way
  3. In Sin I Once Had Wandered
  4. Lift Me Higher
  5. Sweeter as the Days Go By
  6. There Is Room in His Heart for You

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