July 9, 1839, New London, Connecticut.

Circa September 1919, on a train going to Buffalo, New York.

Agnes Burney.


Daughter of William H. and Sarah Latham Ashbey Coggeshall, Mary was educated at the Female Academy in Norwich, Connecticut, and married composer Theodore Seward in 1860. She belonged to the International Sunshine Society; the Sorosis Club of New York City; the Woman’s Club of Orange, New Jersey; was twice president of the National Society of New England Women; and was president of the Blind Babies’ Hospital in Summit, New Jersey. As of 1914, she was living in East Orange, New Jersey.

  1. Each Day to Live for Jesus
  2. Hear the Master Say, Go and Work Today
  3. Ring the Bells, the Christmas Bells
  4. Softly, Sweetly Through the Air
  5. Weary of Wandering from My Savior
  6. Why Shouldst Thou Longer Knock?
  1. Easter Carol