August 22, 1849, Schenectady, New York.

1906, Edeson, Illinois.

Mary lived with her crippled grandmother for 18 years, and later took care of her mother, then her father, until he died. It is said that Fanny Crosby was Mary’s inspiration to write Gospel songs.

  1. Across Life’s Rugged Mountains
  2. All the Way Home, All the Way Home
  3. Always Ready for the Coming
  4. Amid the Deep Valleys of Anguish
  5. Be Glad in the Lord
  6. Be Not Afraid, ’Twas Jesus Spoke
  7. Beyond the Rolling Billows
  8. Christian Army Stands Arrayed, The
  9. Come Up Higher, Till the Father
  10. Come with Bright Garlands
  11. Conflict Is Raging, The
  12. Dearer Than Heaven
  13. Door of Salvation Is Open Wide, The
  14. Faithful Is He That Calleth Thee
  15. Fields Are White for Harvest, The
  16. Fight the Good Fight, Christian Soldier
  17. Floating on Between the Shadows
  18. From the North and the South
  19. From the Windy Storm and Tempest
  20. Full Many, Many Years Have Passed
  21. Gates of Praise
  22. Gently as the Wind of Autumn
  23. Give Thanks unto God
  24. Happy in God’s Sunlight
  25. Have You Felt a Savior’s Love?
  26. He Spake in the Cloudy Pillar
  27. He Whose Word Hath Never Been
  28. He Will Hide Me
  29. Hear Ye Now the Gladsome Tidings
  30. Hoping in Jesus
  31. How Blindly Some Have Waited
  32. I Am Coming, Gentle Savior
  33. I Have Found a Rest Complete
  34. I Know Not the Hour of His Coming
  35. I Know the Great Redeemer
  36. If with Sin You’re Overcast
  37. In the Garden of the Lord
  38. In the Journey of Life There Are Duties
  39. In the Morning Lit Land
  40. Into His Rest, How the Heart
  41. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  42. Jesus Only, When the Sinful Heart
  43. Journeying Homeward
  44. Like the Lily of the Valley
  45. Like the Lily of the Valley
  46. Lord Will Appear, The
  47. Mid the Mire and Clay
  48. No Pearly Gate on Hinge
  49. Not Far from the Kingdom
  50. O City of Beauty
  51. O Holy Word with Reverent Hands
  52. O Lift Up Your Voices in Song
  53. O Morning Land of Sunshine
  54. O Sing Ye Morning Stars
  55. O Be Earnest, Friends, Be Earnest
  56. O Ye Who Would Journey to Canaan’s Land
  57. O Zion, Acclaim Your Redeemer!
  58. Our God Is Our Refuge and Strength
  59. Out on the Mountain the Tempest
  60. Patiently Enduring as the Days
  61. Peace on Earth the Angels Sang
  62. Quench Not the Spirit
  63. Rejoice, Rejoice, for Jesus Reigns
  64. Rock of My Refuge
  65. Shall Desolation Always Rule?
  66. Ship Comes over the Sea of Time, A
  67. Sing How the Angels Came By Night
  68. Song, a Song for Jesus, A
  69. Tenderly and Reassuring
  70. Then Make Us Humble, Lord
  71. There Are Pain Prisoned Souls
  72. There Was Rest, Sweet Rest
  73. There’s a Tide of Anguish Rolls
  74. Though Long My Feet Have Wandered
  75. ’Tis Jesus When the Burdened Heart
  76. ’Tis Sweet to Know That Jesus Hears
  77. To the Children of God There Remaineth a Rest
  78. ’Twas Only a Sinner
  79. Unto the Shining Hills of God
  80. Waiting for His Coming
  81. Waiting for Jesus
  82. We Are Going on a Journey
  83. We Sing of the Days That Have Passed Away
  84. We Will Sweetly Sing on the Golden Shore
  85. We’re Trying to Gather
  86. What Means This Glorious Radiance?
  87. Whatever the Battles of Life
  88. When a Heart Is Weary
  89. When Mothers Brought Their Children
  90. When the Clouds Hang Darkly O’er Us
  91. When the Glorious Bells Are
  92. When Toil Along
  93. When with Earthly Conflicts
  94. Why Should I Wait?
  95. Why Should We Be Discouraged?
  96. Within Thy Gates of Peace