Sep­tember 10, 1838, Gran­ville, No­va Sco­tia, Ca­na­da.

Ap­ril 1, 1921, Lynn, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Pine Grove Ce­me­te­ry, Lynn, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Originally a Bap­tist, Se­der­quist lat­er joined the Ad­vent Chris­tian de­nom­in­ation. He toured Am­er­i­ca as an evan­gel­ist, and is said to have writ­ten ov­er 60 hymns. He moved to Lynn, Mas­sa­chu­setts, in 1871.

  1. Ruler Once Came to Je­sus, A
  2. I Am on the Gospel Rail­way
  3. I Am Re­deemed, O Won­der­ful Love
  4. I Love to Sing of My Hea­ven­ly Home
  5. I Must Go, When Je­sus Calls Me
  6. Jesus Is Com­ing, Tell the Glad Story
  7. Jesus, the Sav­ior, by Faith I Can See
  8. Jesus, the Sav­ior, from Na­za­reth
  9. Many Souls on Life’s Dark Ocean
  10. O Hear the Cry of the Dy­ing Thief
  11. O What Shall It Pro­fit Thee By and By?
  12. Only a Little While, to Walk with Weary Feet
  13. Savior Is Com­ing, The
  14. ’Tis Al­most Time for the Lord to Come
  15. ’Tis Je­sus, the Shep­herd, Who Cares for the Sheep
  16. ’Twas Ear­ly in the Morn­ing
  17. We Are Sow­ing the Seed of the Word of Life
  18. Working for Je­sus
  1. Voice of the Bride­groom, The