November 14, 1821, Boston (or possibly in nearby Weston), Massachusetts.

September 27, 1896.

Niece of Edmund Sears, Scudder left the Unitarian denomination for the Protestant Episcopal Church.

  1. Day Is Done! The Weary Day of Thought and Toil Is Past, The
  2. From Past Regret, and Present Feebleness
  3. I Cannot Find Thee!
  4. In Thee My Powers and Treasures Live
  5. Let Whosoever Will Enquire
    • My God, I Rather Look to Thee
  6. Life of Our Life, and Light of All Our Seeing!
  7. Thou Grace Divine, Encircling All
  8. Thou Hast Gone Up Again
  9. Thou Long Disowned, Reviled, Opprest