1705, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

1775, Hapton, Norfolk, England.

Son of Thomas Scott, Independent Minister at Norwich, Scott ran a school at Wortwell, and preached monthly at Harleston, Norfolk. After a short ministry at Lowestoft, he moved in 1734 to Ipswich as co-pastor with Mr. Baxter of the Presbyterian congregation meeting in St. Nicholas Street Chapel. On the death of Baxter in 1740, he became sole pastor. In 1774, he retired to Hapton. Scott’s works include:

  1. Absurd and Vain Attempt to Bind
  2. All Knowing God, ’Tis Thine to Know
  3. Angels, Roll the Rock Away
  4. As Various as the Moon
  5. Behold a Wretch in Woe
  6. Happy the Meek Whose Gentle Breast
  7. Hasten, Sinner, to Be Wise
  8. If High or Low Our Station Be
  9. Imposture Shrinks from Light
  10. Mark, When Tempestuous Winds Arise
  11. O Come All Ye Sons of Adam and Raise
  12. Th’Uplifted Eye and Bended Knee
  13. Was Pride, Alas, e’er Made for Man?
  14. Who, Gracious Father, Can Complain
  15. Why Do I Thus Perplex?