Circa 1708, Norwich, England.

June 13, 1776, Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Wethersfield Village Cemetery, Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Independent minister Thomas Scott of Norwich, England. In 1751, she married Elisha Williams (Rector at Yale College, 1726–39), and moved with him to Connecticut. After Elisha’s death, she married William Smith of New York, who also predeceased her.

  1. All Hail, Incarnate God!
  2. Arise and Hail the Sacred Day (attributed)
  3. Dare We Indulge to Wrath and Strife?
  4. Eternal Spirit, ’Twas Thy Breath
  5. For Ever Shall My Fainting Soul
  6. Glittering Spangles of the Sky, The
  7. God of Love Will Sure Indulge, The
    • God of Mercy Will Indulge, The
  8. God of My Life, to Thee Belongs
  9. Great God, Thy Penetrating Eye
  10. My God, Shall I for Ever Mourn?
  11. See How the Rising Sun
  12. Thy Bounties, Gracious Lord
  13. When Abram Full of Sacred Awe
  14. Where’er the Lord Shall Build My House
  15. Why, O My Heart, These Anxious Cares?