De­cem­ber 3, 1841, Elk Grove, Il­li­nois.

June 21, 1897, Du­buque, Io­wa, thrown from a bug­gy by a run­a­way horse.

For­est Home Cem­e­tery, For­est Park, Il­li­nois.


Clara was the daugh­ter of Abel Fiske and Sar­ah Rock­well Jones, and wife of Hen­ry Clay Scott (ma­rried 1861).

In 1856, she at­tend­ed the first Mu­sic In­sti­tute held in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, by Chaun­cey Ca­dy. She went on to teach mu­sic at the La­dies Sem­in­a­ry, Lyo­ns, Io­wa (1859).

Scott met and was great­ly en­cour­aged by Ho­ra­tio Pal­mer, who helped pub­lish many of her songs. She is­sued three col­lec­tions be­fore her un­time­ly death, in­clud­ing:

  1. Follow Me
  2. Gentle Knock­ing, A
  3. God Is Love
  4. I Am So Glad
  5. Jesus’ Bless­ing
  6. My Life Is in Thee
  7. Omnipresence
  8. Open My Eyes, That I May See
  9. Rejoice with Me
  10. Seek the Truth
  11. Thou Art My Life
  12. Waiting on the Lord
  13. With a Perfect Heart
  14. Wonderful Love of God, The
  1. Aspiration
  2. Austin
  3. Be Still
  4. Broodings of God’s Love, The
  5. Certainty
  6. Children of God
  7. Everlasting Love
  8. Extremadura
  9. Glory to God!
  10. Heavens De­clare, The
  11. I Do Not Walk Alone
  12. Infinite Love and Wis­dom
  13. Light Shin­eth, The
  14. Lombok
  15. My Trust
  16. Passover, The
  17. Spirit of Peace, The
  18. Sweet Bells of Hea­ven
  19. There Is Naught but Peace
  20. True Free­dom
  21. Your Joy