Born: 1947, Nee­nah, Wis­con­sin.

  1. All but This Is Loss
  2. All the World Will Know
  3. All Who Love Are Born of God
  4. Around This Ta­ble We Dine as Kin
  5. Awake from Your Slum­ber!
  6. Be Home for Pilg­rim Feet
  7. Be the Pas­sion in our Soul
  8. Behold Your Child­ren, For­got­ten, For­sak­en
  9. Blessed Sav­ior, Pour up­on Us Liv­ing Streams
  10. Come, O Ra­di­ant Dawn
  11. Could the Lord Ev­er Leave You?
  12. Fountain of Mer­cy, Grace Flow­ing Free
  13. Give Praise with Blast of Trum­pet
  14. Give Thanks to the Lord Who Does Won­drous Deeds
  15. Glory to God in the High­est
  16. God You Come to Your Peo­ple
  17. Good It Is That We Should Sing
  18. He Will Re­lease Me from the Nets of All My Foes
  19. I Am Mak­er of Moun­tains
  20. I Have Tried You in Fires of Af­flict­ion
  21. I Have Walked in Your Tem­ple
  22. I Know My Sav­ior Lives!
  23. I, the Lord of Sea and Sky
  24. Infant Ho­ly, In­fant Low­ly
  25. Let Us Come, the Worn and Wea­ry
  26. Let Us Ev­er Glo­ry in the Cross of Christ
  27. Let Us Seek with our Minds the Truth of Christ
  28. Let Us Sing the Prais­es of Ma­ry
  29. Let Your Light Be Seen
  30. Lives Brought To­ge­ther This Ho­ly Day
  31. Lord, You Have Searched My Heart
  32. Love Is Pa­tient, Love Is Kind
  33. May the Bo­dy of Christ Be Food for Our Souls
  34. May You Jour­ney in Faith
  35. O Come and Sit at My Ta­ble
  36. O How Bless­ed Are the Poor in Spir­it
  37. Our Eyes Have Longed to See
  38. Praise to You, Je­sus Christ
  39. Rejoice, Daugh­ter of Zi­on
  40. Rise, O Child­ren, from Your Sleep
  41. Send Us Your Spir­it, O Lord
  42. Shout with Glad­ness, Dance for Joy
  43. Sing, O Sing, Like the Wind and Sea
  44. Sing, Ri­vers and Rain­storms!
  45. Sound the Trum­pet in Zi­on
  46. Take My Heart, O Lord
  47. Though You Have Sent Me, Lord
  48. To You, O God, Our Fa­ther: Al­le­lu­ia!
  49. Unless a Grain of Wheat Shall Fall
  50. Wake from Your Sleep, a Sav­ior Is Born
  51. Wake, O Peo­ple; Sleep No Long­er
  52. We Are Joined by a Great Com­mun­ion
  53. We, the Daugh­ters and Sons of Him
  54. Yo, el Di­os del Cie­lo y Mar
  55. Yo, Señ­or de Cie­lo y Mar