June 17, 1843, Vorrel, Hannover, Germany.

August 11, 1926, Columbus, Ohio.

Schuette’s family emigrated to America when he was nine years old. He was educated at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, and was ordained in 1865. He pastored at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Delaware, Ohio, and became a professor of mathematics and natural philosophy (and later theology) at Capital University. He went on to become the university’s president, and served as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Columbus. In 1881, he moved to Pleasant Ridge (now Bexley), Ohio, to be pastor at Christ Lutheran Church there. In 1894, he became president of the Lutheran Joint Synod of Ohio and Other States. He helped found the National Lutheran Council, and was its president (1923–25).

  1. Great God, a Blessing from Your Throne
  1. O Blessèd Holy Trinity