April 15, 1749, Rügheim (near Hassfurt), Bavaria.

June 28, 1818, Nuremberg, Germany.

Son of J. G. Schöner, pastor at Rügheim, Johann studied at the universities of Leipzig and Erlangen.

In 1722, he became tutor in the family of Herr von Winkler at Nuremberg, by whose influence he was appointed, in September 1773, as preacher at St. Margaret’s chapel, in the Kaiserburg at Nuremberg. In 1773, he was appointed diaconus of St. Lawrence’s Church where, in 1809, he became the Stadtpfarrer (chief pastor).

Schöner was a popular preacher, and was especially successful with children. He took a great interest in circulating the Bible, and founded the Nuremberg Bible Society in 1805.

His hymns attained considerable popularity, and a number were printed separately, or in magazines. The most important of the collected editions were:

After 1799 Schöner began to suffer from nervous afflictions. He retired in October 1817.

  1. Der Glaube felt, und darum fehlen
    • Faith Fails, Then in the Dust
  2. Erhebt euch, frohe Lobgesänge
  3. Es dankt mein Herz! Es jauchzt mein Lied
    • O Christ, in Gladsome Faith Arise
  4. Friedefürst, vernimm min Flehen
    • Prince of Peace! Thy Name Confessing
  5. Himmel an, nur Himmel an
    • Heavenward, Still Heavenward
  6. Ich blick in jene Höhe
    • Mine Eyes Are Thither Turning