Late 19th Century

Schoff’s works in­clude the 1891 can­ta­ta King Rude­ness; or No Man­ners-land, for which she wrote the words (mu­sic by James Mur­ray).

  1. Christ, Our Friend and El­der Bro­ther
  2. Come, Let Us All in Joy­ful
  3. Go, Preach My Gos­pel
  4. In the Days of Thy Youth
  5. Lord Hath Need of Thee, The
  6. O Jesus, Gen­tle Sav­ior
  7. Soldiers of Christ, March On
  8. Sun the Moon the Shin­ing, The
  9. Thy Word, O Lord, a Lan­tern Is
  10. When All Shall Know the Sav­ior