September 17, 1721, Meissen, Saxony.

September 16, 1793, Hannover, Germany.

Son of Dr. Johann Friedrich Schlegel, Appellationsrath at Meissen, Schlegel attended school in Pforta (near Naumburg), then at the University of Leipzig, where he became acquainted with Cramer, Gellert, and Klopstock, and was one of the principal contributors to the popular literary journal Neu Beyträge zum Vergnügen des Verstandes und Witzes. In 1746 he became a private tutor at Strehla, Saxony, then returned to Leipzig, where he occupied himself in literary work. In 1748, he went to live with his friend Cramer in Crellwitz, near Lützen. He stayed at Crellwitz until 1751, when he was appointed a master in his old school at Pforta, and also diaconus of the church there. In 1754, he became chief pastor of the Holy Trinity Church in Zerbst, and also professor of Theology and Metaphysics in the Academic Gymnasium of that town. He moved to Hannover in 1759 to become pastor of the Markt Kirche. In 1775, he moved to the Neustadt Church there as chief pastor, and also as Consistorialrath and Superintendent. While keeping his pastorate in Hannover, he was appointed, in 1782, as General Superintendent of the district of Hoya. In 1787 he exchanged this for the post of General Superintendent of the Principality of Kalenberg. The same year he received a DD degree at the Jubilee Festival of the University of Göttingen.

The literary world better remembers his sons, August Wilhelm and Friedrich von Schlegel.

  1. Eg lag die ganze Welt
    • The World Enslaved to Sin
  2. Jauchzt! es ist eine Ruh vorhanden
  3. Mein Jesu, für dein Herz
    • How Trying to the Heart
  4. Schweigt Stürme! brauset nicht ihr Meere
    • Around Me All Is Joy
  5. Tag, der Erleuchtung uns gebracht
    • O Day! That Hast unto Our Souls Set Forth
  6. Wie herrlich strahlt der Morgenstern