April 10, 1656, Heidelbach, Sachsen, Germany.

April 11, 1727, Giessen, Germany.

Heinrich’s father was Simon Schenk, pastor at Heidelbach. Heinrich entered the Padagogium at Giessen in 1670, and then pursued his studies at the University (MA 1676). In 1676 he returned to the Padagogium as one of the masters, and became præceptor classicus (1677–89). On December. 27, 1689, he was ordained as town preacher and definitor at the Stadtkirche in Giessen.

  1. Wer sind die vor Gottes Throne
    • Lo! A Multitude Appearing
    • What Is This Host That Round the Throne
    • Who Are These in Dazzling Brightness?
    • Who Are These in Light Adoring?
    • Who Are These, Like Stars Appearing?
    • Who Are Those, Before God’s Throne?
    • Who Are Those, Round God’s Throne Standing?