April 19 1843, Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey.

June 11, 1915, at his home in New York City.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York.

Schauffler’s parents were missionaries Reverend and Mrs. William G. Schauffler. He came to America in 1861, and graduated from Williams College in 1865. He became a teacher in the New York City Public Schools in 1871, and became city superintendent of schools in 1894. When the Greater New York charter was adopted, he became district superintendent of the Borough of the Bronx, being transferred in 1905 to the supervision of the 14th and 18th School Districts, from which he retired in 1913. In 1900, he was in charge of the New York Public Schools exhibit at the Paris Exposition.

Schauffler was an accomplished musician, and was connected with the People’s Choral Union, the Liederkranz, and other organizations. He was a member of the fraternity of Delta Psi, the Philharmonic Society, and the University Glee Club. He was identified with a number of churches, including the Olivet Memorial Church, where his brother, A. F. Schauffler, was pastor; the First Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle; and the Bedford Park Presbyterian Church. At the time of his death, he was treasurer of Robert College in Constantinople.

Schauffler’s works include:

  1. Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The
  2. Hampshire
  3. Moreno

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