April 21, 1532, Strassburg, Germany.

December 19/29, 1608, Nuremberg, Germany.

Martin was the son of Martin Schalling, sometime pastor at Strassburg (after 1534, pastor at Weitersweiler, near Saarbrücken).

He enrolled in 1550 at the University of Wittenberg, where he became a favorite pupil of Philipp Melanchthon, and friend of Nikolaus Selnecker.

After earning his MA degree, he continued as a lecturer in Wittenberg for a short time, then became diaconus in Regensburg in 1554, and around 1558 diaconus in Amberg, Oberpfalz.

In 1568, after Elector Friedrich III of the Palatinate made Calvinistic services the order of the day, Schalling had to leave Amberg. However, Friedrich’s son, Duke Ludwig, remained a Lutheran, and he let Schalling serve the Lutherans at Vilseck, near Amberg.

When Ludwig became Regent of the Oberpfalz, he recalled Schalling to Amberg in 1576 as court preacher and superintendent. When Ludwig became Elector of the Pfalz in 1576, he appointed Schalling as General-Superintendent of the Oberpfalz, and court preacher at Heidelberg.

But when the clergy of the Oberpfalz were pressed to sign the Formula of Concord, Schalling hesitated, holding that it dealt too harshly with the followers of Melanchthon. For this, he was banished from the court at Heidelberg; after being confined to his house at Amberg from 1580 to March 1583, he was finally stripped of his offices. Thereafter he stayed for some time at Altdorf, but was appointed in 1585 as pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Nuremberg, where he remained until blindness made him retire.

  1. Herzlich Lieb hab ich dich, O Herr
    • I Love Thee, Lord, with Love Sincere
    • Lord, All My Heart Is Fixed on Thee
    • Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart
    • My Heart, O Lord, Its Love on Thee
    • O Lord! I Love Thee from My Heart
    • Thee, Lord, I Love with Sacred Awe
    • With All My Heart I Love Thee, Lord