Late 19th Century

The Ocean Grove Re­cord of Jan­u­ary 1, 1885, page 3, says:

Capt. Chas E. White­sides and Capt. James M. Saw­ers, of the New Bruns­wick division of the Sal­va­tion Ar­my, have taken the field for evan­gel­is­tic work after the manner of Moo­dy and San­key. Both have labored effectively in As­bu­ry Park, and if intense zeal, sacred power, and attractive musical ability can succeed in drawing sinners to Christ, we think their new departure will prove a grand success.

  1. Army Red and Blue
  2. Cleansing in the Blood
  3. Could I See My Dear Je­sus
  4. Eye of God Is on Us at Morn, The
  5. Freedom
  6. Great Creator
  7. Heart That Knows No Sorrow, The
  8. I’ll Be with You
  9. I’ve Knocked at Your Heart’s Door Often
  10. Let the Light of Je­sus Come
  11. Life for a Look
  12. Love’s Duet
  13. My Tel­e­gram’s Gone
  14. Precious Blood, The
  15. Redeemed by His Blood
  16. There’s a Palm
  17. We Talk of a Home in Hea­ven
  18. Well of Full Sal­va­tion, The
  1. Amalfi
  2. Carson City
  3. I Am a Child of a King
  4. Salvation for You
  5. Walk in the Light