September 14, 1452, Ferrara, Italy.

May 23, 1498, Florence, Italy.


One of seven children, Sa­von­a­ro­la showed piety at a young age. Troubled by the sin and injustice he saw around him, he often spent long hours in prayer and contemplation.

After receiving a vision of Heaven and the future calamities of the church, he began to preach repentance to the multitudes. He continued to a fervent prayer life; his biographies report that on Christ­mas Eve, 1486, he was in a trancelike state in the pulpit for almost five hours.

His denunciation of widespread corruption eventually drew the ire of the Church, and Pope Alexander VI ordered that Sa­von­a­ro­la be hanged and burned in the public square in Flor­ence, along with two of his fellow monks, Do­men­i­co da Pes­ci­a and Si­lves­tro Ma­ruf­fi.

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