September 14, 1452, Ferrara, Italy.

May 23, 1498, Florence, Italy.


One of seven children, Savonarola showed piety at a young age. Troubled by the sin and injustice he saw around him, he often spent long hours in prayer and contemplation. After receiving a vision of Heaven and the future calamities of the church, he began to preach repentance to the multitudes. He continued to a fervent prayer life; his biographies report that on Christmas Eve, 1486, he was in a trancelike state in the pulpit for almost five hours.

His denunciation of widespread corruption eventually drew the ire of the Church, and Pope Alexander VI ordered that Savonarola be hanged and burned in the public square in Florence, along with two of his fellow monks, Domenico da Pescia and Silvestro Maruffi.

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